To you, your LinkedIn profile picture may be a small part of the complete personal and professional information, a small circle that merely shows your face. To anyone looking at your profile, especially a potential employer, that picture is a possible first impression. So, it’s worth giving time and effort toward a LinkedIn profile picture and investing in corporate headshots Dubai to get one that delivers an impressive tone!

LinkedIn Profile Corporate Headshot Tips You Should Know

Your profile picture on LinkedIn has a big impact. Profiles with a picture are 14 times more likely to catch someone’s attention compared to those without one. Also, a study shows that nearly 70 percent of recruiters reject a candidate simply due to something about their profile picture. Just as a professional video shoot transforms your business, professional headshots transform your unique persona!

Here are 10 easy and helpful corporate headshot tips to achieve a compelling headshot for your LinkedIn account!

1. Go For A Recent Photo

Always make sure your photograph closely resembles the way you look now. That means no old photographs, even if they had been professionally taken. While the world of social media is full of profile photos that are retouched and reused, the world of LinkedIn is to be treated with a separate approach.

We’re talking about a professional platform, where using your old photograph and appearing different in person not only makes an awkward first impression but also brings forward a question regarding your credibility!

2. Make Sure It’s a Solo Photo

Next corporate headshot tips are: no group photos and solo pictures only. Also, avoid a cropped solo picture taken from what was originally a group photo. While some people like their profile image to be a photograph with someone else as a means to show off the team they are a part of or simply because being the only one in a public picture feels intimidating, here there’s a necessity for a solo presence.

You can use a team picture as your banner, but make sure that your profile picture features you alone.

3. Do Not Use A Selfie

As emphasized in the previous point, you need a solo picture for your LinkedIn profile. However, this picture should NOT be a selfie. It’s perfectly okay to have a selfie on your Facebook or Instagram profile, even if these are connected to your LinkedIn page.

But when it comes to corporate headshot tips for LinkedIn, you need someone else to take that photo for you. Create a proper environment and have another person take a proper picture, or go for professional photos—which we’ll discuss further on.

4. 60:40 Face-to-Torso Ratio

Given that we’re emphasizing corporate headshot tips—the keyword being ‘headshot’—the ‘head’ part should take up a majority of your picture.

Go for a picture that features you from the shoulder above, enough to present your attire, but presenting your face as the highlight of the photograph. Your face should take up 60% of the picture, the rest of you 20%, while the remaining 20% goes to the background.

5. Present A ‘Formal-Friendly’ Expression

What’s a formal expression when it comes to taking a corporate headshot for a LinkedIn profile photo? Here’s what you need to cover:

  • No awkward expressions or wide smiles; steer clear of anything that comes under casual.
  • Go for a serious smile: it’s when you have your chin up, eyes relaxed, and a small, polite smile.
  • Don’t look too serious! The key is to look professional, yet approachable so that a person can contact you with ease.

Practice your expression in front of a mirror a few times and take a couple of practice shots with your phone before the actual photograph. There are different photograph styles just like professional video styles. Make sure you’ve chosen the right one!

6. Dress Formally, Dress Well

You may have heard of the saying “dress for the job you want’ when you’re headed to an interview. Well, the same rule applies when we’re discussing corporate headshot tips for a LinkedIn professional photo. Your attire will be visible in your 60:40 face-to-torso ratio, so make sure what you wear is appropriate.

Since it’s the top garment that’ll show up in the photo, let’s focus on that. Solid colors highlight your facial features and look formal. If you want a print, go for something subtle. If your job entails wearing a suit every day, then go for that. And finally, go for dark-hued clothes, since these look best on camera.

7. Choose A Sensible Background

Your background is as significant as your appearance and attire when it comes to creating an impression. Opt for a clean and minimal background or a softly blurred environmental background.

In most cases, a clean background is the perfect choice as it directs all the attention towards you. If you decide to go for a blurred environmental background, make sure it complements your overall look, style, and industry. The key is to find a background that enhances the main subject of the picture—i.e. you—without being distracting.

8. Avoid Filters, Work Natural Elements

First, no filters. They are definitely obvious, and changing the way you look is never ideal for a professional photograph. You can go for some color balance, brightness, and contrast adjustments to bring some attractiveness to the photo, but that’s just about it.

As for the lighting, avoid harsh fluorescent lights and camera flashes. You have your photo taken in a place with lots of natural light, or at least recreate light that resembles natural light—not too white and not too warm.

9. Always Choose High Resolution

You have the best expression on, clothes styled just right, and a background that adds to the visual appeal and makes you the center focus—but your photograph is pixelated. That’s a pity!

Think of picture quality as the main characteristic of a corporate headshot for LinkedIn, rather than the cherry on top. A high-resolution image not only makes for a top-notch profile picture but also shows your dedication to perfection!

10. Go For Professional Headshots

Hire a video production company that specializes in corporate headshots for resumes and social media handles. Professionally-done headshots are a way to authentically represent who you are in the present moment. By utilizing studio tools, your photographer can expertly manipulate light and shadow to create a captivating and natural appearance.

A well-executed professional headshot also perfectly encapsulates your professional or personal brand. You boost your confidence and develop a strong professional persona, as, more importantly, increase your chances of landing a job and achieving success.

Take Top-Notch Professional Headshots With WeCaptureYou

If you don’t have a profile picture up or the one you do is unprofessional, it’s time to give it some attention. Think of professionally taken headshots for LinkedIn as an investment in your career that pays off in multiple ways. At We Capture You, we provide photography services for corporate headshots to individuals and business teams. Work with a seasoned photographer to acquire a set of aesthetic, professional, and LinkedIn-ready shots. Contact us today to get started.

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