Once upon a time, getting an aerial view video for marketing or corporate relations purposes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi meant hiring a helicopter. Needless to say, the entire thing was a time-consuming and pricy endeavor. Lucky for brands today, they can hire the drone services of a drone filming company in Dubai. Smaller, sleeker-looking, and more convenient means of getting those remarkable aerial shots, drones are an invention to be reckoned with when you want to shoot a truly fantastic video for your business.

And we’ll delve into the specifics of the benefits of using drones that make these so popular!

Key Using Drones For Brand Videography

Whether you want to shoot a product or service promotional video or get a scenic view of the exterior of the building your business operates from, aerial drones are the technology perfect for the purpose. Also, these are great for other business purposes, such as if you’re holding an indoor seminar in a vast event venue or conducting an open-air corporate party.

But what makes drones ideal for any of these situations? Does such a professional video shoot transform your business, and if so, how does it do it? Take a look at the top 7 benefits of using drones.

1. High-Quality Videography

High-quality videos do more than just give a clear and precise view of what it is you’re trying to show your brand’s audience. An HD video also gives a great impression, the quality of the video hinting at high-quality business standards.

The innovation in drone technology has reached a point where you can easily get 4K resolution, comparable to the scenes of top-notch cinematic footage.  And given that advanced drones are very stable, the footage for your brand will be smoothly shot as well!

2. Versatile Heights & Angles

By using drones for brand videography, you already know you can easily get video footage from way up high, going as far as the top of a skyscraper. What’s even more awesome about drone videos is that you can also get unique angles.

Drones are compatible with various professional video styles. If you want a video for your business that showcases the main focus interestingly, drones are just what you need to accomplish that. You can showcase every great part of a corporate event, present a new outlet or a branch with a breathtaking bird’s eye point-of-view, or even get a long shot of the people taking part in the video to show off the growth of your team.

Of course, to achieve an impressive video using a drone, you also need the skillset. Go for a leading video production company for aerial drone videos to get the best results.

3. Distinguish Your Brand

It is a competitive world out there, no matter what industry your business belongs to. With your competition coming up with new and innovative video content left and right, you too need something with a lot of pizzazz. That is where drone footage comes in.

The benefits of using drones include exclusivity and popularity. Shine a light on your business by creating drone-shot videos for promotional, informative, corporate, and engaging social media content purposes. The quality and the awe-inspiring angles make your video truly stand out, telling the world that nothing short of cutting-edge technologies suffices for your brand.

4. Great For SEO Content

We’ve established that drone videography involves high-quality footage, complete with unique and interesting angles for any commercial video production process. What happens when you promote this video online—whether on the website, on YouTube, or social media—is that you get to:

  • Use niche, high-quality, well-targeted keywords
  • Geo-tag a location where the drone footage is taken
  • Present one-of-a-kind footage for those keywords and tags

All these will organically improve content rankings and visibility, thus improving your brand’s marketing efforts in more ways than one!

5. Quick & Simple Setup

The helicopters once used to capture necessary aerial shots for business videos were a hassle to accommodate. The entire shooting process took way too much time, and the safety of the crew was another factor that made it slower.

The planning and preparation that goes into shooting drone video is significantly hassle-free than other means of aerial videography. And if you choose to work with an experienced video production company in Abu Dhabi, you can have your shots set up and under process in a matter of minutes!

6. Keeping Disruptions Minimal

One of the many benefits of using drones is that these are not at all bulky or disturbance-causing. If your crew is shooting video in-house, such as for a corporate advertisement to mark a milestone, then it is likely they’ll be disrupting the daily routine of people around. Luckily, a drone is one of the aspects of video shooting that is very light on the disruptions.

Drones are small and do not get in the way. But more importantly, high-quality drones are also not noisy. Choose aerial drones to cover a business event such as a product launch or a ceremony with peace of mind. A drone will do a great job of capturing quality footage without disruptions.

7. Worth The Cost

Obtaining aerial video shots means investing more than you would for regular video footage. The reason is that drones are a costly expense for video crews. However, compare this investment versus the remarkable footage you get to boost your publicity and growth in the long run. Needless to say, drone videography is worth it (read Aerial Drone Vs. Ground Photography).

Additionally, since the advent of drone technology, there has been much advancement. Now, capturing drone footage does not require the time and effort it once did. As a result, the price of hiring drone filming technology and crew is significantly more affordable, even for small-scale brands.

All Your Drone Filming Needs: WeCaptureYou Has You Covered!

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of using drones for your business, the next step is choosing a video production company wisely.

At WeCaptureYou, our skilled team has worked with businesses across a diverse range of industries, from fine dining to public services, from agriculture to construction. And this expertise has given us the ability to conduct drone filming seamlessly. 

Let’s work together; for excellent drone videography, reach out to WeCaptureYou today, and we promise to exceed your expectations!

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