Successfully starting a new dining business and drawing in customers is about one thing—appeal. In the current digital era, marketing your new café or restaurant or even a roadside fast food pickup spot means adhering to the ancient saying, “we eat with our eyes first”. In other words, it means getting incredibly appealing photographs and videos of food, courtesy of top-notch food photography services in the UAE. If you’re new to food photography services in Abu Dhabi, then this is the guide you need to learn all about it.

Find out what a food photography and videography expert does, and what benefits great food images and footage can do for your brand.

Guide On Food Photography – Covering The Essentials

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Just investing in great food photography is having most of the content you need for offline and online advertising—with great results, no doubt!

Look for a photography and videography service in the UAE that has experience conducting food content.

While headshot and group portrait photo and video specialists focus on enhancing the features of the subject, experts in food images and professional video styles involving food prioritize colors and light to make the dishes tempting.

Who Can Get Food Photography For Dining Businesses?

When talking about the guide on food photography, the service in question is not just limited to restaurants. Invest in leading food photography services if you are starting a new brand or running a marketing campaign for your existing food services. Food photo and video experts cater to:

  • Fine Dining Services
  • Fast Food Places
  • Cafés & Bakeries
  • Home Cooks
  • Food Delivery Services
  • Frozen Food Producers

Basically, if you’re starting or running any kind of service that creates ready-to-eat food or even offers delivery services for food, then this kind of photography is ideal for drawing customers.

What Is Involved In The Process Of Food Photography?

Let’s continue this guide on food photography with a look at the highlight features. Before you hire a food photographer or a team for a wide-scale marketing campaign, you need to decide on the following factors.

Will your food photos/videos feature just food or also people?

No matter what kind of dining service you have, it always helps to create a realistic experience. Go for food photography for new dining businesses with a focus on just the dishes for the menu, images for ads, and posts on social media. But if you want your customers to feel really compelled, having people experience the food is always a great idea.

You can choose just hand models to add a real-world feeling to the photos. Go for professional actors to successfully present the dining experience you will provide. It’s always best to involve actors rather than using your one dining establishment staff.

What’s better: in-house photos/videos or a special set?

If you are starting a new restaurant or café, the clear answer is to have in-house photography. While you may be separately going for a proper TV and social media commercial video production process, go for food photos for the menu or social media taken at the establishment.

However, if need photos of food in a more controlled setting and theme, then on-set setups are the best. Also, your food photography team can use a hired ‘set’ with props that are perfect for taking quality photos.

Don’t forget— food photography for new dining businesses is not just introductory marketing; you need material for social media content. Having different kinds of food photos can cover you in terms of social media content for a long time. Therefore, go for both in-house and on-set photography for different content for different media platforms.

How Does A Professional Photographer Take Photos?

Next up in the guide on food photography: the process. First off, go for professional food photography services that utilize top-notch camera equipment and accessories. These tools greatly contribute to enhancing the quality of the photos you will receive. However, remember that skill plays an equally important role!

Therefore, choose a team with both experience and positive reviews. You can ask for a portfolio of past work to get a glimpse of their capabilities.

Make sure you’re getting your food photographs in the most ideal surroundings. Your photographs will come out better if you invest in professional backdrops. Hire a team that includes that aspect for you in their service. Partner with a photo and video production company in Abu Dhabi that takes all types of food pictures necessary for a well-rounded marketing campaign, as well as for everyday material such as menus and posters for decorating.

Plan the day with your photography team. As a food business, you’ll need to have prepared dishes that the photographers will use. Aim for authenticity; show what you will serve. An effective way to enhance photos is to use props, from utensils to raw materials that go into the food items you’re showcasing. Your food photography team will do their part by using light and shadow elements, adding their own props, and providing sets.

Benefits Of Food Photography For Dining Businesses

Once you get your food photos and videos from your professional team, here’s everything you stand to gain. The essential benefits of food photography for new dining businesses are:

– Perfect First Impressions

As a brand in the food and beverage industry, showcase your dishes remarkably. For example, focus on photographs with excellent presentation, great backdrops, attractive lightning, vivid colors, and other details perfected. As a result, you’re well on your way to getting customers through the door (or clicking that order button online!).

Simply put, an expert photography and professional video shoot transforms your business. Turn your culinary creations into works of art that every onlooker wants to experience with expert food photography. This is that investment that will pay off for a long, long time!

– Establish Brand Identity

Food photography for dining businesses is more than just about showing audiences what they will get to eat. It’s also about creating and enhancing an identity for your brand. This is especially useful if you’re catering to a certain target audience.

Open up a romantic fine dining place, and go for food photography that appeals to couples. Set up your cute little bakery with artsy cupcakes and cakes, and make sure the crowd with high Instagram following heads to you. Start a home-based food delivery service with keto-friendly meals, and get food photos and videos that attract the health-conscious lot!

– Boost Break-Even & Profits

One common goal of every item you buy, and every service you hire for your new brand is that it will help generate sales. The better the quality of your food photos and videos, the quicker you may reach a break-even…possibly start generating profit faster than you expect!

Experts note that food businesses that invest in professionally taken food photographs and video footage significantly increase their reservations, orders, and sales more than those that rely on informal photography.

WeCaptureYou – Meeting All Your Food Photography Needs!

You’ve covered the basics in this guide on food photography. It’s a visually-driven society, so what are you waiting for by holding out on professional food photography? At WeCaptureYou, we provide top-notch food photography for new dining businesses and ongoing brands with a new marketing campaign in the works. Let us help you turn your ads and social media content into an appealing look into your.

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