Every video production company tries its utmost best to provide services that meet all the requirements of its clients. Whether for a wedding shoot or presentation, precise skills are necessary. However, while amassing demands for the video shoots, not all clients are familiar with its techniques. Some prefer one approach, but it might not suit the criteria.

Therefore, a company of experts like WeCaptureYou puts forth their technical skills to provide the clients with the best services. Among these services, a complication that clients often face is the choice of aerial drone vs ground videography. The following guide will help you find the differences.

Aerial Drone vs Ground Videography: Advantages & Disadvantages

Aerial Drone


In the aerial drone vs ground videography, the former wins with varied angles. They can capture moments from the sky, which ground equipment cannot do.

Eventually, this gives you space to show your creativity and snap all the movements that you would have otherwise not. The wedding shoots clearly differentiate aerial drone and ground videography. Drones can fly anywhere in the venue and encompass the appearance of all the guests.

Also, for wedding shoots, drones can save the top views of the cake and arbor. Aerial drones also save human effort. Once it takes off, all you have to do is monitor. It can travel on its own, and if you are an introvert, it is perfect to avoid social interactions.

Stability is another bonus point for the former in aerial drone vs ground videography. There is no need for camera stands or prevention of shaky hands.

The proximity and speed of evolution are awe-inspiring as well. Aerial drones are non-polluting, too, because they do not emit chemicals or interact with humans.

In the comparison of aerial drones and ground videography, the previous one is incredibly affordable as well.


Aerial drones are good at capturing various angles of an object; however, they might scare others. More specifically, animals like birds are not quite friendly or strong enough to face anything like flying cameras.

Even most kids or adult human beings do not feel comfortable, specifically because of the unexpected appearance of drones. In such a case, you cannot even ask or push the drones away.

They have limited capabilities as well. They cannot think or communicate; therefore, you should not expect plenty of creativity.

In aerial drone vs ground videography, the latter wins in another aspect as well. Most regions in the world do not allow video capturing via drones; therefore, bringing them to those areas is ineffective.

In case of technical issues, you can lose the drone in the sea or mountains as well if you are targeting those locations for videography.

Besides, you can explore our services on aerial photography in Dubai.

Ground Videography


Ground videography does not scare people that much and is very less peculiar than an aerial drone. Also, it will not frighten sensitive animals like birds.

Moreover, capturing videos of minute creatures like insects is also possible. You can turn the camera on and go away to give living beings some space in front of it.

Also, they are easily available in most shops. Whether you prefer online or physical stores, you can buy them conveniently alongside their accessories.

To understand the relationship between aerial drones and ground videography, you should know that the latter helps in bonding. If you are an extrovert, you will get a chance to polish your social skills.

During ground videography, you can personally ask people for different poses or expressions. There is no fear of dropping your camera from a height, although some chances are still there.

Moreover, ground video shooting is in excessive use as compared to drones. Most clients request video creators to record videos up-close for delivering suggestions.

While elaborating on this discussion, you should not confuse yourself with the differences between inbound marketing and ground videography.

This is because inbound marketing is a different field that intends to attract customers. Ground videography is more of a service to retain those customers.

Nevertheless, this information seems favorable for video-producing companies.


Users may find it tiring. Holding cameras, moving it around, and carrying the weight seem a little effortful. Not all users possess that much strength to accomplish a task all day long.

With the hype of drone videography, the ground one seems old-fashioned now. Many young video creators love experiments and adventures and, therefore, ignore the shots that traditional cameras take.

This approach also fails to capture the full breadth of a scene. The compact atmosphere and limited space restrict videography abilities. You may fail to take videos of trees or crowds from the top.

It offers qualitative instead of quantitative information. For instance, if you have to measure the area in a particular region, ground photography is not adequately helpful.

Despite the advancement of lenses and other technologies in ground photography, you still have to get closer to the object you desire to focus on.


Both aerial drone videography and ground videography have their own advantages and disadvantages. If one saves effort of carrying around, the other one gives better close shots.

Drones usually scare humans and animals. The sudden appearance of a flying device does not look very friendly. Alternatively, cameras you hold on the ground are usually pricy.

Aerial videography with drones manages to capture scenes from a height like crowds. You might not need helicopters to shoot videos of forests or oceans.

Ground videography, on the other hand, lets you greet people and ask for various expressions to create a warm and safe connection.

You can carry it almost anywhere without any legal restrictions. However, many countries or regions limit the use of aerial drones.

Last but not least, your choice of buying a particular service depends entirely on your requirements. If you are clear with the guide above, you can now differentiate between both sorts of video graphics. This can further help in choosing the accurate video production team for covering your photography or videography projects.

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