Video content has become as much an essential part of brand marketing as images—possibly even more. From lengthy corporate videos for business anniversaries to video sort introducing a new product that’s shareable on social media—there’s a world of video styles and types out there. Before you reach out to a video production company, choosing the right kind of video is necessary to connect with your business’s target audience. The perfect choice can be challenging if you’re not up to date on what each video style entails. Therefore, we’ve created this guide just for the purpose of elevating your knowledge and helping you make the right decision.

A World Of Video Style—And Which One You Should Choose

In today’s digital age, videos are the best way to resonate with your consumers. Plus, given that an online user spends an average of 15 hours per week watching videos, there’s no doubt that video will work. By watching well-made videos, consumers gain more trust in your brand, engage more often with other content, and make purchase decisions.

With this in mind, what are you waiting for? Go for video marketing, picking a style that fits your image and marketing purpose. Here’s a breakdown of all things professional video styles.

Live-action Professional Videos

Broadly speaking, professional videos can be categorized into two main types: live-action and animated. All other video styles come under these two categories. First up, we’ll delve into the live-action style of professional video-making.

Professional live-action videos showcase moments that occur in the real world, featuring real people. This style is incredibly popular for corporate video production Dubai due to being retable, simple, and convenient to produce.

Live action can also be a way to advertise something to your audience. In case it’s a service, the styles of video are pretty much like a movie. These typically showcase real people trying out the service, such as dining at a restaurant or trying out clothes at a retail clothing store.

For product videos, you can go for video shoots with or without people, though the former makes the video much more relatable. Product shoots leave a ton of room for creativity. By hiring the right video production team, you get access to a variety of props and exceptional skills to showcase your product in an impressive light.

Live-action videos can be further divided into further styles.

– Interviews & B-Roll Videos

Interviews and b-roll style professional video styles are widely used. In these videos, you can have your own employees answering interview questions on camera. The additional footage—known as b-roll—is the less formal side of interviews as a humorous and witty addition.

– Narrated Videos

These styles of video are similar to interview videos in many ways, only instead of the people appearing on screen speaking directly to the camera, the narrator shows up in the video, describing the content in the video.

These videos are popular for documentaries or ‘about us’ videos for businesses. The purpose of delivering a scripted message on film is to create a story with a good flow. This approach can also incorporate b-roll footage to enhance the storytelling.

– Voiceover Videos

If you want video styles that involve footage without any on-camera speaking, a voiceover professional video is the way to go. The voiceover that takes up the entirety of the audio in the video, along with any music, delivers the message in the background while the visuals are the primary focus. This style is very common in commercials, where the video needs to be short and deliver a compelling message in that timeframe.

Animated Professional Videos

The other main category of professional video styles, animated videos can be either 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional. The key difference between the two is that of the graphics software and other video-making tools. The talent of the video production company also matters.

Of course, there’s also the fact that certain kind of content suits a certain kind of animation—i.e. 2D or 3D. Regardless of which type you choose, animated video can be very entertaining and captivating to the audience.

But the best part is that they allow video creators endless options. Made from scratch, animated videos give you the freedom to showcase anything you can imagine!

Animated videos can also be divided into different styles.

– 3D Mechanical Videos

Have you ever seen the styles of video where the camera pans in and out and around the 3D rendering of a new building, advertising it as a new residential complex? This kind of video is a mechanical video, and it’s normally in 3D. Mechanical videos are also the best choice for a product video that focuses on individual components of a product. For example, a motorized machine for an automobile. Since it is possible for you to advertise each working component to show the product’s function in a real way, you use a 3D animation to do so. The designs, colors, and other aspects are all tailored to closely match the real product and display your brand’s unique aesthetic.

– Typography Videos

There’s immense significance of text in a video, especially in animated videos. Typography video styles combine the power of reading and visuals by animating text in an engaging way. If the text is effective enough, you may not need to add a voiceover narrating that text or elaborating it. However, to make your video marketable to an inclusive audience, combining audio and video is ideal during animation video production.  

– Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard professional video styles are very appealing in the sense that not only do they usually tell a story, but also the constant drawing/erasing style of animation gives the video a unique touch. If you need a versatile and detailed approach for your professional video, go for whiteboard animated. You can explain virtually anything using drawings and illustrations. To convey the message in a more understandable way, the addition is vital.

Achieve Various Video Styles Perfectly With A Top-Notch Video Production Team!

Choosing the best video style is simple enough once you know the details of each kind. However, you also need impeccable execution. That’s where you need a skilled and creative video production team. You need a crew that’s well-versed in the kind of video you want professionally made/shot and edited.

At WeCaptureYou, we offer you just that— innovative and strategic video content that compels your target audience and helps your business grow. We excel in a wide range of professional styles of video. Contact us today and let us know what you need. Our team is prepped and ready to put your ideas into action!

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